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Winter Holiday In Lech Am Arlberg

Activities In Winter In Lech am Arlberg

In the middle of the Austrian Alps, beyond the mountains, past the seven dwarfs and Snow White is a small little village called Lech am Arlberg. Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa is nestled right in it. This little mountain village is a member of a very small, but elected circle of high-quality ski resorts carrying the name "Best of the Alps". It is pretty much King Arthurs round table only with mountain villages.

Lech am Arlberg

Above 1.450m nestled in the middle of the Austrian Alps is a small picturesque village called Lech am Arlberg. In the middle of town two rivers meet and become the Lech river that continues its path through the village, through Tirol all the way to Germany. There is a lot of place and time. Time for good food and outstanding wine. However, what sets this town apart from others are the family owned hotels, like Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa.

Fun things to do in Lech am Arlberg

Arlberg and skiing two terms that are inseparable. But there is more. A lot more! For those of you who would like to relax and lean back, and for the wilde ones! 

Skiing is a big part of the Arlberg identity. However there is so much more to do! Some of you just can't get enough of skiing (and we do understand that), but when the sun sets and the chair lifts close you could give cross-country skiing a try. Lech offers you about 30km cross-country skiing track. Take a deep breath when you walk through our winter wonderland. The paths take you through snowy woods, along beautiful ice cold rivers all the way to little huts that offer you Austrian specialties. Fun for young and older is tobogganing is the right thing to do- you are going to laugh until your stomach hurts. A horse carriage ride lets winter fairy tales come true!

For all those with adrenaline-mountain-maniacs needs ice climbing, tandem paragliding, freeriding, ski touring, winter via farrata and much more will be the right thing to do! 

Base Camp Hotel Lech in Lech am Arlberg

We have one favor to ask of you before you book your holiday with us. That favor is time. You shall have enough time to enjoy your holiday, the food, the mountains and enough time to relax and indulge. Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa are your home, away from home. We try our best to fulfill your wishes before you even verbalize them - every now and than we need a little help. The slopes, winter walking paths and cross-country skiing tracks are groomed and marked, the crampons and ices sharpened. The only thing missing is you!


We leave it to you how relaxing or adrenaline rushed your holiday is going to be. We, Hotel Lech in Lech, are your base camp 365 days a year. Do not hesitate and klick that online booking button or send us your non-binding request. We see you very soon!