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Spa + Well-being in Lech am Arlberg

Spa at Hotel Lech + Residenz Chesa Rosa in Lech am Arlberg

Two houses, two wellbeing areas. Everything in life is a question of balance: work life vs. private life; earnestness vs. pleasure; stress vs. peace. In every day life one side usually overshadows the other - we all know which one that is. At the Arlberg however life is better. You shall not only enjoy the spa area, but feel comfortable and relaxed. In Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa you are going to find two snug Spa or as we like to call them well-being areas with a sauna, a steam bath, relaxation rooms and massages. The perfect retreat for you vs. the Arlberg.

Spa and a statue
Our Spa is held in antique style

Our Definition Of Wellness + Wellbeing

Our definition of a spa holiday in the mountains is a little unconventional. After a long day on the Arlberg mountains, when the muscles are little tired and the bones are heavy, the body demands relaxation. In your room you are going to find our little spa basket, which includes everything you need: snug bathrobe, spa towel and slippers. 

A warm shower followed by sauna or steam bath will loosen those tender muscles. The relaxation is slowly creeping up in your body... don't you worry the relaxation room is only a few steps away. Take a deep breath, lay down and dream about tomorrows adventure. Meanwhile we take care of everything else. We fluff up the red velvet couches, chop fire wood, prepare aperitifs and wine. Our cooks stir in the last secret ingredient for your dinner

Sauna + Steam Bath At Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa

Even mountains need to recover. Leave the Arlberg at peace at least for the night. Sweat your muscles to new strength in our sauna and take a deep breath in our steam bath. Tomorrow is a new day and a new round for you versus the Arlberg.

Relaxation Room

Fueling up on strength makes you tired. We certainly have taken care of it. In the relaxation rooms of Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa you may rest in heavenly soft loungers. Put those heavy legs up, close your eyes and think about tomorrows strategy of you against the Arlberg. Your strategy is safe with us, big promise.


The Arlberg was stronger than you? The mountains have brought you to your knees? In that case it is time for our secret weapon: a massage at Hotel Lech in Lech! Full body massage, sport massage or reflexology whatever you need to gain back your strength, the masseur or masseuse are their to help. It must pointed out that a massage is an additional cost.

Wellness + Wellbeing at Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa is the perfect preparation for you versus the Arlberg. Between the two of us... you know what secret weapon we have in stock. Do not hesitate and send us your non-binding booking request or click that online booking button. See you very soon!