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Tennis in Austria

Tennis in Lech am Arlberg

Once again tennis is en vogue. Lech am Arlberg offers you two hard pitch courts at Sport.Park Lech and at the outdoor swimming pool another two courts. High Altitude training is included.

Tennis at the Arlberg

A blue waterslides curves its way down into the pool. There are kids and grown ups on it.
After a heated match you may cool down in the outdoor swimming pool before you start your next match.

The outside tennis court are nestled in the forest only a few meters away from the outside pool. Should your game get a little too heated you can always jump in the pool to cool down a bit before you start your next game. Every now and than the weather is not on our side. At Sport.Park Lech you can play indoor tennis until your legs and arms are falling of. Meanwhile we heat up our spa area for you. Deep relaxation to the very last muscle fibre until your next game of tennis. 

Useful Information

Both tennis courts are only a 25 minute walk away from the front door of Hotel Lech in Lech. You may want to book your tennis court in advance and the necessary equipment you can rent right there. We are happy to help you organizing everything. 

Play your way up to Wimbledon starting with playing tennis in Lech am Arlberg, Austria. Altitude training is included. Do not by shy and click the online booking link for your fast, easy and time efficient booking or send us your booking request. See you soon in Wimbledon ähm we mean Lech, of course.