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Snowboarding In Lech Am Arlberg

Snowboarding In The Arlberg

The Arlberg - Eldorado, Mekka, heaven, paradise... there are many names for the Arlberg Backcountry. Additionally there are a few Freestyle Parks spread across the Arlberg ski resort. Any Jibber, beginner or pro, will find the line matching their level of freestyle. 


Snowboarding At The Arlberg

A snowboarder sits in the snow and smiles at the camera.
Snowboarding, split boarding, freestyling anything and everything is possible at the Arlberg.

The fastest and easiest way to learn snowboarding is with a snowboard instructor. Luckily we got a lot of them in Lech am Arlberg. On the beginner hill and on blue runs you are going to learn the basics. Once you have got the hang of it, you may challenge yourself in the Arlberg Ski Resort.

Advanced snowboarders shall book in a guided tour or a private guide to explore the Arlberg Ski Resort or the Arlberg backcountry. The powder runs are a well kept secret, but if you ask your Lecher snowboard instructor nicely he will happily show a few of them. Their know how of the area and the snow conditions are a perfect combination for a safe day off piste. At the beginning of the season the Lech Tourism Board holds a conference called "Snow & Safety Conference", where pro riders, scientist and product developer meet. A lot of vital knowledge about snow. The ski or snowboard pro's will take you off piste and show you how everything works in "real life".

The one thing does not exclude the other: Freeriden + Park

On Down Days or to practice your new tricks. The Freestyle Parks in the Arlberg Ski Resort are the perfect playground. Beginners and Pro's alike gonna be enjoying the obstacles (boxes and railes) and kickers. And who knows, maybe the one or other trick gets launched of a rock in the backcountry.

Snowpark Lech

The Snowpark Lech Crew shapes the Freestyle Park on a daily basis. Each year they add new features. The Schlegelkopf chairlift gives you first impression of the park as it goes up straight next to it. There are a few different lines and about 20 obstacles:


  • The Funrun with easy rails and obstacles is perfect for beginners and kids:
    • Box (Kids)
    • Rail
    • Lollipop (Specials)
    • Kids (Box)
    • Funbox (Kicker)
    • Tube (Specials)
    • Bank (Drop-Kicker)
  • The Rail-Line is reserved for the advanced jibbers.
  • The kicker-line consists out of four in a row kickers. This line is only for advanced snowboarders.

That is the beauty of the Arlberg. It brings together beginners, advanced, pro's, jibbers and off piste fanatics. We are looking forward to be your Base Camp! Do not hesitate and send us your non-binding request or book online. See you soon!