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Ski Tours at the Arlberg

Ski Touring at the Arlberg Skiresort

That is a though one... Where to begin? At the start and than step by step just like one would do ski touring at the Arlberg. Ski tours at the Arlberg ski resort lets dreams come true you did not even know you have had!

What is ski touring?

A group of ski tourers are touring through a snowy mountain landscape.
Ski Touring is guarantor for smiles until your cheeks are hurting - for beginners and advanced alike.

To put it in a nutshell, ski touring is walking up a hill with your skis on a bit like cross country skiing. For grip you stick skins under your skis and with a special touring binding you have loose heal, which allows you to lift and lower it, a bit like telemark skiers. Once you have reached the end of your tour, you simple take off the skins and click back the binding. In front of you will be untracked powder - just for you! The needed equipment you may rent at any of the sport shops in Lech am Arlberg.


Skit Touring for beginners + advanced - smiles for days!

You will be smiling from ear to ear until your cheeks hurt. All ski schools in Lech am Arlberg offer you guided ski tours for all levels. We recommend you to take use of a guide as they know their way around, are aware of snow pack and thirdly teach you all sorts of tricks and tips to make it whole lot more enjoyable. We guarantee you, you won't stop smiling for days!

Ski Touring at the Arlberg – two ski tour fanatics at Hotel Lech

The choice of ski tours is big, very big! To write every single one down would take forever and a day. However, the boss Andrea Wingelmayr and Vreni (her eldest daughter) love ski touring, some even say that these two are a little fanatic. The two of them know every corner of the Arlberg ski resort and if you ask nicely they might even tell you a few secret ski tours. 


Every morning our breakfast buffet is going to supply with all the nutritions you are going to need for a long day on a mountain. 

All good things start with an A: Aprés Ski, Aperitif and Dinner (well at least in german it starts with an "A"). Whatever your choice is going to be, we the Hotel Lech offer you indulgence. There is a chance that the Arlberg might have been stronger than you. Our spa area in Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa are going to strengthen you from the finger tips all the way to the little toes. Our secret weapons is a massage!

Ski Touring at the Arlberg - there are dreams coming true you did not even know you have had. Do not hesitate and send us your non-binding request now or book online. We are looking forward to hear from your ski tour adventure(s) at the Arlberg.