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Paragliding + Hang-Gliding In Lech Am Arlberg

Flying In Lech Am Arlberg

We all have that dream of flying. And dreams to come true in Lech am Arlberg! Book your paraglide or tandem paraglide and experience the mountains from a new perspective. An unforgettable moment high above Lech.


Your Tandem Flight In Lech Am Arlberg

A hiker is watching a paraglider flying into the sunset.
The dream of flying is coming true in Lech am Arlberg.
The highest point of the Arlberg area is a mountain called Valluga (2.809m). It is a beautiful hike and the view from up there is breath taking - literally. Or you could fly above all those peaks and the village of Lech with a tandem paraglide flight. Andreas Wingelmayr is a paraglide fanatic. He is more than delighted to tell you everything about it. You may book your flight any season. The only thing you are going to need are good shoes and a warm jacket.

Runways For Paragliding + Hang-Gliding In Lech Am Arlberg

There are a few different runways. You can reach them by foot, which is a fair walk, or you take the advantage of the chair lifts (Schlegelkopflift, Kriegerhornlift und Rüfikopfbahn). Depending on the weather and your ambitions you start at above 2.000m. 

A yellow paraglider is flying above snow covered peaks.
Book your tandem flight or learn how to fly at Lech am Arlberg.

Requirements For An Enjoyable Flight

We want you to love your flight experience at the Arlberg. There are a few little things that you have to take care of: sturdy warm shoes, long warm pants and jacket. There is no age restriction and you shall not surpass the 120kg mark.

Learning To Fly At The Arlberg

The dream of flying is hunting you? Why don't you learn it? Imagine being able to fly wherever and whenever you want to... At Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa Andreas Wingelmayr is competent advisor. He is more than happy to help you!

Keen To Fly?

Flying is your thing or you are just a flying fanatic as the boss of the house is? Than you should not hesitate any longer and click on the online booking link or send us your booking request. Our charming house bar is the perfect spot to talk about flying for hours and hours and hours...