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Motorbike Trips In Vorarlberg

Motorcycle Tour In Lech Am Arlberg, Austria

You, your bike, winding mountain roads and endless freedom - that is motorcycling in Austria. Hotel Lech in Lech is the ideal base for your motorcycle trips around Vorarlberg, Tirol, Switzerland and Italy. If you or your motorcycle get tired first we dare not ask, but we happily take care of the two of you. The human machines may stretch those tired muscles in the spa area, while the machine machines recover in the garage.

Motorcycle Tours In Vorarlberg + Tirol

In the following you find an example how a da trip on your beloved motorbike could look like. 

Bregenzerwald – the seductive motorbike tour
Distance: 274 km
Length of the trip: about 8 hours

The Bregenzerwald is a valley in Vorarlberg. It famous for its dialect, but even more so for its beauty and delicious food! There is a very big chance that you get seduced by one of the many gourmet shops and restaurants along the way. 

  • You start your motorbike at the steps of Hotel Lech in Lech am Arlberg and ride east towards Warth. 
  • At Warth you hang a left where the Bregenzerwald valley starts. You drive towards Schoppernau, Andelsbuch, Egg all the way to Hittisau and further. Always along the Bregenzerach that is going to lead you to lake of Constance.
  • At Hittisau you hang a right and ride over the Riedbergpass (1.420m).
  • You going to pass by two little towns by the name of Sonthofen and Bad Hindelang to eventually drive over the Jochpass (1.178m).
  • Once you arrive at Weißenbach you may follow the Lech river uphill all the way to Stanzach, where you hang a left to "Namenloser Tal" (the nameless valley).
  • Another little pass is on your way at 1.360m Kelmer Sattel. 
  • Keep on driving until you read the word Fernpass (1.209m) and follow the road until Imst. 
  • Follow the road over the Hahntennjoch (1.884m) and continue driving along the windy beautiful Lechtal road. 
  • Until you arrive back at your home away from home Hotel Lech in Lech.
Arlberg- + Flexenpass – a panoramic goodie
Distance: 276 km
Length of Travel: 8 hours

Three mountain passes, uncountable meters of altitude gain and a breath taking panorama! This round will let you and your bike travel over the Arlbergpass, the Flexenpass, and Hahntennjoch.

  • You motorbike starts at the door steps of Hotel Lech in Lech. You ride your bike towards Warth followed by a left hand turn into the Lechtal towards the village Elmen.
  • Once you arrive there you want to take the road up the Hanthennjoch (1.884m). Follow the road and yes, you may stop every now and than to take in that magnificent view.
  • Afterwards the road will lead you to Imst, Landeck and eventually to the Arlbergpass (1.793m).
  • From there follow the signs to Lech over the Flexenpass keep on riding until you arrive back at the door steps of Hotel Lech in Lech.

Two Wheels And The Whole World

Every single summer we get excited! The last few years we welcomed motorcyclist from all over the world and their stories were compelling every single time. Tell us your story! Click that online booking link or send us your booking request. The road is yours!