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Massages at Hotel Lech in Lech am Arlberg

Massages at Hotel Lech

You would like to unveil your full strength potential? Sauna and steam bath you already have ticked of your list? In that case it is time for our secret weapon: the massage! In your room you are going to find a spa basket with all the necessary essential for relaxation and wellbeing: a snug both robe, a spa towel and a pair of slippers.


Lay Down! Please.


Playing in the mountains is fun, but also exhausting. Our chefs create mouthwatering menus. Their secret ingredient will strengthen you from head to tow. The  wine selection is exhilarating and mature nature is putting a spell on you. And still... there might be that one (or two) sore muscles that are a little uncomfortable. Lay down, take a deep breath and relaxe. The masseur/masseuse is going to take care of it.

Massages At Hotel Lech In Lech

At the spa are of Hotel Lech in Lech is a little room where wonders have had happened. Sore backs and muscles were suddenly gone. Every muscle fibre was loosened and the steps had a little whip to them. You may book your massage at the front desk of Hotel Lech. 

  • full- or part body massage
  • sports massage
  • foot reflexology massage

If you would like to, we could also book a physiotherapy massage.


One connotation with massages is relaxation. True that. Soft and feathery is the walk after the masseur/masseuse has straighten you up. But (there always seems to be a but) there is more! Your muscles benefit enormously. The muscle fibers regenerate faster, they get more flexible, you get stronger and to top it all off you are gonna be so relaxed!

Please Make Sure To Book An Appointment

Get straighten up and book your massage appointment before you are hitting the road. There is only a certain amount of massages that we can offer. Do not hesitate and book your massage appointment with your online booking or mention it to us in your non-binding booking request. Please, be aware that it will add an additional cost. The masseur/masseuse with their magic hands are awaiting you.