365 days a year

Hotel Lech and Residenz Chesa Rosa in Lech Am Arlberg

Hotel Lech in Lech - 365 days a year

Hotel Lech in Lech is welcoming you all four season (even though some state we only have two), 365 days a year. We are a family that has built, owned and run Hotel Lech now in second generation, the third one is just about to take over. We are a fun mountain addict bunch of human beings. Residence Chesa Roasa you may stay in from December until April. 


There Is Something In The Air...

... in Lech am Arlberg. This little village in the Austrian Alps stands for more time, more space, quality, luxury and understatement. We believe that our real luxury and wealth lies within the surrounding nature and time. You shall feel like you are home away from home at Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa. Our lobby offers you big red velvet couches to lounge in while you watch the fire at the open fire place. Let time be time with a glass of wine in your hand and good book in the other. 

We love the outdoors and we tried to bring them inside with little accents of color here and there. We used wood and stone materials combined with simple clean lines - just like in nature.

Every afternoon, when you come back from outside, we have some goodness for you prepared to indulge in: home made cakes and strudels! Afterwards you can relax every muscle fibre in our spa area. Steaming, sweating and relaxing (secret weapon: massage) to gain that strength back for your next playdate with the Arlberg mountains. 

Convince yourself! Indulge in the luxury of time. For yourself, your family and friends. We happily take care of the rest! 


Rooms + Rates

We are not sure if it was the magical snow or fairy tales and snow or snow and fairy tales... Anyways, it inspired us to create seven magical room categories. At Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa almost every room has its own balcony with a seating accommodation. Our Snow Man is the right choice for all those of you and would like to have some peace and quite in an extra big single bed. Our Snow Moon, Snow Crystal (room with interconnecting door), Snow White and Snow Princess grant a fairy-tale like sleep on different square meters. Our Snow Queen and Snow Empress grant barrier free dancing and jumping, back and forth, up and down. 

Eating+Drinking+Celebrating At Hotel Lech In Lech

Playing outside is gonna make you hungry! (We talk out of expirience!) Our kitchen teams is making sure to revive you with our well-balanced breakfast buffet. There are seductive carbs on one side, protein and vitamins on the other and in between refreshing juices and awakening tea. And your special treat: Andrea's Müsli. It is recipe is only known to her! 

In winter season we offer you half board with a mouthwatering multi course menu. The first course, however, you may create yourself on our salad buffet. Take your time and enjoy an excellent bottle of Austrian wine.


The Arlberg - A Huge Playground

The Arlberg, more precisely Lech am Arlberg is known for skiing, but did you genau that summer is just as much fun as winter is: a huge playground! The white slopes turn into colorful mountainsides. The mountain stand proud in the summer sun. And the sky... well, alright than is just as blue as it is in winter. Click here to find out what fun things you can do 365 days at Hotel Lech in Lech. You are going to be surprised!

Booking Request

Don't be shy and send us your booking request. Your holiday in Lech am Arlberg is only a few clicks away with an online booking. We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon!