Guided Hiking Tours in Lech am Arlberg

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Guided Hiking Tours in Lech am Arlberg

Safety measures and cancellation conditions

Inform yourself here about all safety measures and cancellation conditions.



365 days a year

Hiking in Austria

Themed hikes in Lech am Arlberg

It is time! Get them hiking boots out of the dark corner, pack your back pack and off you are on your way to Hotel Lech in Lech. You may hike anywhere in the world, but the Arlberg has an irresistible charm. Believe us, even though we have lived up here all our lives, those mountains seduce us again and again and again...

Naked Mountains

Two hikers are on their way down. The light is golden. The two gentlemen are smiling and wearing a back packs.
It can't get any more quaint than that.

Some do not believe it, but there are actually four season in Lech am Arlberg. Crazy! And what is even crazier is that Hotel Lech in Lech is open 365 days a year. Whenever you feel like a little get-a-way we are impatiently awaiting you. Lech am Arlberg in summer is just as marvelous as it is in winter only in color. Uncountable colorful flowers are decorating the green mountain hills, the Alps spruced themselves up and the mountains, well they are the same as they are in winter - only naked.


A summers day in Lech am Arlberg

How could a summers day in Hotel Lech in Lech am Arlberg look like? First and foremost you are going to wake up after an amazing nights sleep. You stretch in the eiderdown bed and see the peaks in the very first sunlight. Your nose follows the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It leads you to our restaurant where an reviving breakfast buffet is awaiting you. Your little snack for your day in the mountains is already on the table. Andrea Wingelmayr will tell you where to go. After you have finished your breakfast, you are going to head into the boot room, where your hiking boots are already impatiently awaiting you! And off you are! Once you come back home our spa area will relax every single muscle fibre in your body. 

Lechweg - A Legendary Hike

A legendary hike that starts at the most beautiful place of Austria! (It is an award!) The spring of the river Lech is to be found at the Formarinsee. Over 125 km this hike follows the river through three regions and two countries. You are going to hike along the biggest ibex colony of Europe, walk over the longest chain bridge for hikers past bavarian castles. And these are only a few highlights. Please, have a look at our Lechweg Package. We see you and your hiking boots very soon!

Peak Incentives By Vreni Vom Berg

Vreni vom Berg means Vreni from the mountain. The passion is already hidden in the name: mountains. If it gets a little to flat, the poor thing starts to feel uncomfortable. The passion for the outdoors, for adventures in the mountains is what she would like to introduce you, your family or company to. May it be winter or summer there is always lots to do in Lech am Arlberg. In winter time for example a lovely winter hike, ski tour, tobogganing and mold wine next to a bon fire. In summer time the options are just as endless for example hiking, mountain biking you name it, she is gonna make it happen. Relax, enjoy and return home calmer and stronger as a team, but also as an individual.


The Green Ring - The White Ring

Maybe you have heard of "The White Ring" before? The longest ski race in the world where everyone can compete. It is pretty much the same thing just without the race and in summer. Actually it is a tad more bewitching. In three stages you walk along mountains and over saddles all around Lech and Zürs. There is a book that will keep you company along the way that is telling you the stories that are hiding within the mountainous nature. It is a themed hike you are not going to find anywhere else, but in Lech am Arlberg.


The Green Riddle Ring - For Little Detectives

The green riddle ring is for little and tall riddle lovers. Every detective gets a work book with which they have to work closely to get closer to the secrets of fantastic tales.

The Tannberg – Discovering The First Settlers Of Lech

Culture, history and hiking combined. Who would have thought that that is possible? With the corresponding book you can discover the history of the "Walser" you cam all the way from Switzerland to the Arlberg. They settled the area about 700 years ago! Until today there are settlements and houses are evident of that though swiss people.

Herb Hikes + Herbal Witches

There are over 10 different types of orchids growing at the Arlberg!
Orchids are usually associated with jungle and heat, however, they also thrive way above 1.000m in the Austrian Alps.

Up here in the mountains the ancient old knowledge of herbs is still alive. It has been passed down from generation to generation: the powder of herbs and plants. We call them herb witches, but don't be afraid they do not fly around on their brooms, although some of them do have black cats... They love to share their knowledge about wild herbs, roots and flowers. Interesting side fact there are over 10 different types of orchid growing in the Arlberg mountains!

Interactive Hiking Map

You have gotten curious? Have a look at our interactive hiking map. On there you find pretty much every single hiking trail. You can even check the distance, the altitude and if there are huts on the way. Additionally you save your routes and even print them out. For the most beautiful ones you will have to ask Andrea and Andreas Wingelmayr, the owner of Hotel Lech in Lech. They have been up on every single Mountain. 

Are you already looking for your hiking boots? Before you do so please click the online booking button or send us your booking request. We are looking forward to see you hiking boots and of course you! See you soon in Hotel Lech in Lech!