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Mother Nature is sending us promising hints of a snow rich winter. On a regular basis the sky is filled with sheep clouds, we called it “Schneeblühen” (roughly translated: snow blooming). They look like wander flocks across the sky. Those clouds are the first messenger of snow. At the moment we enjoy the blaze of autumn colours and its golden sun rays – perfect for long hikes. Everything is a little calmer and relaxed. The chubby little Buddha’s (marmot) stopped screaming and went into hibernation mode – they have given the slopes free for winter. The dears are belling for attention and the last currant berries are being harvested.

In our hearts there is a slight pull and tuck – we are sure it is the thrill of anticipation for winter! The first snow flakes, the first turns and the happy smiles in cold faces. Father Frost is already practicing his skills at night. Winter is sprinkling the peaks with snow now and then. You can smell the snow!

Are you just as anticipated as we are? Please, do not hesitate to have a look at our special offers below! Now is the perfect time as they days get shorter and the fire place gets heated up – are you dreaming of leaving your tracks in the snow?Bild 7

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