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what I like about December

What I like about December…

It is the time of the year to slow down. Everything is quite and calm. However, high up in the mountains, in our little paradise, life is slowly awakening and I am not talking about Christmas elves. Father frost has put the sleeping spell on mother nature. The first snow comforts her with its white blanket and everything is peacefully quite. The stars shine bright earlier, the Christmas tree stands strong and pride and the sweet smell of home-made cookies creeps into every corner of the house.

This is why December is my most favourite time of the year and it flies by far too fast. There are only a few days left to put my feet up and to turn the pages in imaginary book that holds all stories that I collected over the year. It is comfy warm inside, while it is already dawning outside, the wood is crackling away in the fireplace, Christmas melodies are quietly hummed with a good glass of red wine. The table is filled with plates full of nuts, figs, cheese and baskets with tangerines and cinnamon. Christmas is almost here.
Soon, I am going to put my feet on the ground, close my book of stories, drink the last sip of wine. Ready to welcome guests from all over the world together with our hard working team.

With all those warming thoughts in my heart we are moving towards Christmas. This year is going to end healthy, successful and thankful – I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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