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Lech waters

Autumn in Lech

Now is the perfect time to enjoy time and space in Lech am Arlberg.

Everywhere you are hiking, you will find clear water comming out of graspillows and rock-walls. It is so pure, that you can drink it right there.

Lech water

Lech water

Cows are gone back to the valley, farmers brought the last load of hey in the stables and this allows you to hike right over the maddows.

Nature is preparing itself for winter.

Some mornings – after a clear night with millions of shiny stars and a bright moon, you will find yourself on a field of sparkling icecrystals. A spectacular event for a few moments only.

If you are edicted to water, there is an new outstanding “long-distance-hiking-tour” offered: The Lechweg.

From the start to the fall this path is approx. 125 km long and can be done in 6 – 8 days no matter what weather – until November.

There are some secret spots with extremly deep water to swimm. Very special: the colour of our Lechriver – sometimes light, sometimes dark turkious. Spectacular views, scary bridges in big height and lots of natural surprises along this way. They call it a way to find yourself… meditating 🙂

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