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20. Lech Painting Week – 21. – 26.07.2013

Lech Painting Week

Painting in Lech

Since 20 years!!! now the “Lecher Malwoche” is a highlight in our summer-season. Mag. Hermann Böhm teaches paint-art in theory and practicly. Some of us join the classes from the very beginning. New-commers are very welcome with their fresh spirits. Our teacher is always aware, that everyone is really thinking and tries with philosophical discussions to lead the artists. His words: “the one, who does not think, get’s kicked out”, does not mean he has to leave the seminar, but he wont be able to.

Painting in Austria

Lech Painting Week

Finish his picture -no matter if you are drawing, use watercolors, acrylics or oil on paper or convas. You will be surprised, what extraordinary art works you will find in our exhibition at the end of this week – on Saturday. Everybody is very welcome. To give you an idea – there will be postings on f during that time.

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