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Sauna + Steam bath at Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa in Lech am Arlberg

Steaming, Sweating + Relaxing in Lech am Arlberg

Even mountains have to recover... Leave the Arlberg at alone at least for a little bit. Take a deep breath in the steam rooms and sweat your muscles to new strength in the saunas in Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa in Lech am Arlberg. Both houses offer everything your beaten body is asking for. If that is not enough we would like to offer our secret weapon: a massage.

Sauna Hotel Lech
relax in the sauna area of Hotel Lech and Residenz Chesa Rosa

Leave The Mountains behind...

... and come back to your home away from home to Hotel Lech + Residence Chesa Rosa. Melt into our velvet couches, enjoy starring into the burning fire and indulge in our home made strudel and cakes. In your room you are going to find a spa basket with all the necessary essentials: a snug bathrobe, a spa towel and a pair of slippers. After a warming shower you may sweat and steam until you collapse onto our relaxation loungers.

Steaming In The Jungel + Sweating In The Desert + Relaxing In Lech

A steam bath is pretty much like a Sauna only with a little less temperature and a whole lot more humidity. It is gentle on your circulation and freeing for your respiratory system. Pretty much a jungle without the animals. In a sauna it is hot and very dry. The exact opposite of a steam bath. The high temperature and low humidity will get your circulation going and you are going sweat like you have never before. Like in a desert just without the sun. Afterwards you may collapse onto our super soft relaxation loungers.

Steaming, Sweating and Relaxing... In whatever order you are going to enjoy it, you are going to feel fantastic afterwards! Please send us your non-binding booking request or click that online booking button. Our spa area is awaiting you.