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Road Cycling In Austria

Road Cycling At The Arlberg + The Legendary "Arlberg Giro" Race

... ain't no mountain high enough... are the lyrics of a famous song - at least as far as we can remember. The Arlberg area includes two provinces (Vorarlberg+Tirol). It is situated at the beginning of quite a few valleys: Bregenzerwald, Lechtal, Kloster- und Stanzertal. This means endless kilometers and meters of altitudes to climb for you, your legs and your beloved road bike!

Road Cycling In The Alps

Summer! At last summer! The snow has collected itself in rivers and lakes, the sun is beaming from a deep blue ski and the mountains bristle up in the greenest green. Along the foot of these mountains are beautiful grey smooth tarmac roads winding their way up to the highest saddle. It is about time you get yourself on that bike and start peddling! The Arlberg has lots to offer!

This photo shows a blurry road bike. In the background is a very high peak!
Hotel Lech in Lech is the perfect starting point for your road bike tour.

Road Cycle Hotel: Hotel Lech in Lech

Lech am Arlberg is located in the middle of the Austrian Alps. It is the ideal starting point of your road cycle in Austria! Firstly, we offer you the best reviving and well-balanced breakfast buffet you could possibly imagine. Secondly, we are located at the start of a handful of different valleys. Namely Klostertal, Lechtal, Bregenzerwald, and the province of Tirol! Thirdly, there is a clean, lockable room for your road bike.

A hotel in Lech, a road, endless opportunities. Hotel Lech in Lech is located on the provincial boarder of Vorarlberg and Tirol. The ideal starting point for your road bike tours through Vorarlberg and Tirol!


  • Arlberg Giro in Vorarlberg und Tirol

Highes Point 2.032m; Distance 150km; Altitude gain 2.600m

  • Silvretta im Montafon in Vorarlberg

Highest Point 2.034m; Distance 150km; Altitude gain 2.700m

  • Bodenseetour in Vorarlberg

Highest Point 1.791m; Distance 99km; Altitude gain 877m

  • Hahntennjochrunde in Vorarlberg und Tirol

Highest Point 1.889m; Distance 137km; Altitude gain 2.500m

  • Piller Tour in Tirol

Highest Point 1.565m; Distance ca. 124km; Altitude gain 1.600m

  • Kaunertal Gletschertour in Tirol

Highest Point 2.737m; Distance 100km (Hinfahrt); Altitude gain 2.200m

  • And a whole lot more...!

Arlberg Giro - A Legendary Race

The Arlberg Giro is a bike race at the Arlberg. It is about 150km long loop that leads you through from the tyrollean side of the Arlberg over to the vorarlberg side of the Arlberg. You may enter the race or bike it for yourself. The decision is yours. We are looking forward to be your Base Camp for your road cycle holiday in Austria! Our Hotel Lech Spa Area guarantees relaxation of every single muscle fibre in your body!

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