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Peak Incentives at Lech am Arlberg

Outdoor and Team Building Events

Peak Incentives would like to seduce you! As a company event, a birthday present and or bachelor/hens event. Get out of you work environment and every day life tasks. Dive head first into our biggest treasure: the love for mountains! The mountains and nature shall suspense you to think in new ways, show you new perspective and discover a thing or two. This is what I aim for!

Peak Incentives – The Desire

Your every day life is comfortable. It is safe. Something you have control over. The goals are set and everyone knows their task in order to reach it. What a comforting pleasant thought, however, the question I would like to ask you is the following: Is it enough? Every know and than we feel the urge to break through that comfort and try something adventurous, something new. This is were Peak Incentives in Lech am Arlberg starts.


Peak Incentives – The Temptation

The contrast between office and mountains could not be any bigger. However, one does not exclude the other. A new environment with new challenges physically and mentally will change your perspective literally speaking, but also on a numerous tasks that you encounter in your (work) life. Hiking up a peak for sunrise, climbing or overcoming a fear will make you walk taller and stronger. These lessons will easily translate into your every day life - an enriching experience. Give in - the temptation is right in front of you!

Peak Incentives - The Seduction

The Arlberg with its mountains and nature might be quite a contrast to every- and work day life. But it is also home, my home. There won't be any pressure. No competition, no goals to reach, no one to impress or hierarchy. Let go of all of that. You shall feel comfortable and relaxed. It is home away from home, where you can take a deep breath, let go and challenge yourself. Get seduced by the mountainous nature. I take care of everything. 

Peak Incentives – The Pleasure

Six men are standing on a hill, the sun is shining on them and they smile.
I am not entirely sure if they were happy, because of the summit via ferrata or about being back down on flat ground.

When you decide to book an event with Peak Incentives, there is one simple rule: Any sort of pressure, hierarchy, stress, that are connected to business vocabulary shall be left wherever you come from. Peak Incentives stands for fun, relaxation and grounding. Every program is tailored to your specific wishes. One thing I can promise you already. Besides the relaxing time, you and your team will be challenged mentally and physically. This will result in new strength and new ways of thinking. Problem solving will be an exciting new task just like when you were little. This will open up new perspectives literally speaking when you enjoy the outstanding view and in your work life. As a side effect the spirit of your employees thrives! 
This is pleasure in breathtaking nature.

Peak Incentives by Vreni vom Berg

Vreni vom Berg is a mountain lover, some would even say fanatic. For you, however, she plans the most beautiful business events, special birthday parties or bachelor/hen's event. Who she is and what she does you may find here:

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The desire, the temptation, the seduction and the pleasure in a vertical- and horizontal way somewhere in between is Peak Incentives in Lech am Arlberg. Do not hesitate and send me your non-binding request. I am looking forward playing in the mountains with you!