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Fishing In Lech Am Arlberg

A Hooked Holiday

Of course we mean fishing...!!! Enthusiastic and passionate fisherman may jump up and down in delight. The rivers and lakes around Lech have the most beautiful and delicious trouts you have ever caught. From beginning of May until late October you may fish or fly-fish in crystal clear rivers and lakes. 

The Fishing Club In Lech Am Arlberg

A girl is standing next to a lake holding a fisher net in her hand. She smiles proudly from ear to ear.
Fishing in Lech am Arlberg is fun not only for you, but the whole crew!

The Fishing Club in Lech am Arlberg is the perfect spot to meet other passionate fisherman like yourself. They are happy to share the potential information and tips. There is a fishing lake where you and your whole family can go to and fish. The little restaurant prepares your fish for you! There is more to catch at Spuller- and Formarinsee!

If you want to fish in wild rivers and lakes you will have to get a permit, that only costs a few euros. The reason being that the Fishing Club has an eye on the fish stock. 

Fishing Pond In Zug

Since 1976 this fishing pond has been a popular meeting point for fisher men. Here you may rent your fishing gear and pick the local fisherman brains for the best spots to fish around the Arlberg. 

The fish stock may it be a char or trout you may eat right there. The cooks are happy to fry or smoke them for you!

This a half underwater, half above the water photo. The lower half shows turquoise water and rocks. The top half shows the water surface and a peak reflecting in the water.
This is home to trouts and graylings. They are delicious!

Fishing In The Lech River

Along the river bed you may fish brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. The 18km long river is divided into four areas that are easy to reach and beautiful to fish in. Get that fishing rod out and off you are! 


Fishing At Spullersee

Located at 1.810m nestled into the mountains you are going to find the Spullersee. You may reach it by foot of with the local blue bus. A day card of fishing will cost you about EUR 30,-. It is a beautiful lake that you can walk around, enjoy the view and wehre kids can run around. 

Fish stock: rainbow trout, brown trout and lake trout. Char and salmon-trouts.

Fishing At Formarinsee

Just like the Spullersee this little lake is nestled between the Arlberg mountains at 1.789m. The blue local bus takes you there or you may walk (in that case you want to start early). Once there rest a minute and take it all in. It has been awarded with the most beautiful place of Austria. A day fishing is going to cost you EUR 22,-.
Fish Stock: rainbow- and brown trout

Rainbow-, brown and lake trout. Char and salmon-trout. All of them are scrimmaged in our crystal clear rivers and lakes! Do not hesitate and send us you booking request or click the online booking link. Petri Heil!