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Climbing In Austria

Climbing, Via Ferrata, Winter Via Ferrata + Ice Climbing In Lech Am Arlberg

Our oldest one loves climbing - summer and winter alike. She has a few secret and most favorite routes. If you ask her nicely she may tell you one or two of them. In Lech am Arlberg in Austria you are going to find a variety of alpine climbing routes, (winter) via ferratas and climbing gardens.

Climbing At The Arlberg - A New Perspective

The snow has melted, the flowers are flourishing and the rock has spruced itself up and is impatiently waiting for you! Hiking along the legendary Lechweg is beautiful, themed hikes reveal you the healing secrets of mountain flours and roots and climbing shows you a new perspective! Around Lech am Arlberg you are going to find endless opportunities for beginners and pros alike! Our eldest tried to climb all of them in one summer, but there were too many... May you be a beginner of an ambitioned climber a climbing guide is always a good idea. We are happy to book one for you! Climbing is also the perfect outdoor team building event for your company! Have a look at Peak Incentives!

The Most Beautiful Climbing Routes

This little village is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains... This, however, is our completely biased opinion. 


A blond lady is leading climbing on a rock.
The Arlberg offers you endless climbing possibilities!
  • Sport Climbing in Lech am Arlberg – Bürstegger Wändle, Spullerplatte, Rüfikopf uvm.
  • Karhorn 2.416m – The via ferrata along the ridge line of Karhorn is pure pleasure. The first half is perfect for beginners the second half for more experienced climbers. The cross doesn't only mark the highest point, but also the middle and therefore the 1st and 2nd half. You may walk down from there. 
  • Roggalspitze 2.672m – The "Nordkante" (north side) of the Roggalpitze is a classic route at the Arlberg. It is no harder than IV UIAA. You may be careful though as you might forget to climb as the view is breath taking!
  • Rote Wand 2.753m – This mountains is our weather forecast. It marks the western end of the Arlberg. The most outstanding characteristic is the ribbon of red rock along it. A beauty indeed, but it shall only be considered by very experienced climbers. The routes start at IV all the way up to X UIAA grading. 
  • Bad Weather – No problem whatsoever. Climb and boulder in the climbing hall!

For special tips you want to ask our oldest one. She has climbed pretty much every single peak at the Arlberg!

Zwei Winterkletterer am Arlberg
Der Winterklettersteig am Arlberg ist ein grandioses Abenteuer

Winter Via Farrata At The Arlberg

Put your climbing harness on, buckle up your helmet, put your skis on the back pack and off you are! You are going to walk and climb along the ridge line of Riffel all the way to highes point Vorderen Rendelspitze 2.816m to Rossfallscharte at 2.732m. There you may put back on your skis and ski down Malfontal or Moostal. It is a very special adventure! 

Climbing in Austria! In the middle of the Alps! Beginners and pros alike are going to enjoy themselves! Don't be shy and click the online button or send us your booking request. We are looking forward to welcoming you very, very soon!